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 Welcome to our Thailand Plant shop online...... We carry a great selection of rare tropical variegated plants & bulbs from Thailand...... We ship worldwide and we are a trusted business...... Thank you for visiting and shopping in our store......
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   • Musa "Kluai Tum Naun"
   • Musa (ABBB group) "Kluai Theparot"
   • Musa "Kluai Sae Mah"
   • Musa (AA group) "Kluai Lep Mue Nage"
   • Musa (AAA group) "Kluai Nak" (Red Banana)
   • Musa (AAB group) "Kluai Chang"
   • Musa (ABB group) "Kluai Nam Wa Dam"
   • Musa (ABB group) "Kluai Phama Heak Kuk"
   • Musa "Kluai Sai Num Pung"
   • Musa (AAA Group) "Kluai Khai Pratabong"
   • Musa (BBB Group) "Kluai Him" Saba
   • Musa (ABBB Group) "Kluai Nom Sao"
   • Musa (AAA Group) "Kluai Hom Tong" Gros Michel
   • Musa (ABB group) "Kluai Nam Wa Naun Jun"
   • Musa "Kluai Hom Kayin"
   • Musa "Kluai New Nang Lum"
   • Musa (BBB group) "Kluai Lep Chang Kut"
   • Musa (AAA group) DWARF CAVENDISH, "Kluai Hom Khieo Khom"
   • Musa "Mahoi"
   • Musa "Kluai Hom William"
   • Musa "Kluai Sae Law"
   • Musa "Kluai Pi Sang Am Peang"
   • Musa (ABB group) "Kluai Nom Mi"
   • Musa "Kluai Pi Sang Su Su"
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